‘Striving for harmony and solidarity in an unpredictable world.’

Welcome future delegates, chairpersons, supervisors!

It is our great honour to welcome you to the 5th annual Cambridge Model United Nations which will be held throughout 2nd-4th of December 2022 at the Stephen Perse Senior School.

This year’s conference theme is: 

     ‘Striving for harmony and solidarity in an unpredictable world.’

As conflict continues to erupt around the world, the pandemic continues to threaten our communities, and economies continue to struggle, the stability of our nations is in jeopardy. We are here to push the boundaries and confront injustice; we invite you to join us in creating a world where compassion and empathy triumph over suspicion and hostility. This can only be accomplished through open discourse, through which we can all speak, learn, and progress. We believe that by engaging in meaningful conversation during this year’s conference, all attendees will be able to build a comprehensive perspective on living in a global society.

Each conference aims to shed light on a topic important to our hearts. This year’s theme is “peace and harmony.” The term “harmony” is a musical one, signifying the combination of numerous, varying musical notes to create melodic beauty. This state of harmony can be sought for in a real-life context; in our world, we have varying nations and bodies of government, with distinct and at times opposing values and opinions. It should be our mission to engage in dialogue, with an approach of tolerance and understanding, to achieve global harmony and cooperation. Achieving true peace requires much more than laying down arms. It necessitates the formation of societies in which all members believe they have the potential to grow. It entails building a world in which everyone is treated equally, regardless of religion, race, or gender.

Take advantage of the opportunity to share and engage with different viewpoints at Cambridge Model United Nations 2022. Following the success of last year’s first online conference, we look forward to welcoming all of our previous and new participants from all over the world to Cambridge. The dates for our 2022 conference are 2nd-4th December. Chair applications will be open shortly, which is to be followed by delegate applications.

The highly anticipated international participation, as well as Cambridge’s stimulating academic environment and rich architectural style is doubtless going to make your experience fresh, empowering and memorable!

We hope to see both first-time and returning delegations there!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat at cammun@stephenperse.com.

Yours sincerely,

The CamMUN Secretariat