What is MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) is an extra-curricular activity during which delegates (students) simulate a real United Nations conference. MUN is great for developing critical thinking, debating, teamwork, and leadership skills as well as growing confidence. If you have any more questions about MUN itself, this website provides a more detailed guide:

What is CamMUN?

CamMUN is a conference that is held annually in Cambridge, during which participants research a country’s position on current topics and faithfully represent its viewpoint throughout debates, with the goal of discussing ongoing global issues. In this event, delegates and chairs will be working to pass resolutions aimed at maintaining international peace and security, developing affable relations among nations and advancing social progress. It is an excellent opportunity for students between the ages of 14 and 18 to gain hands-on experience with public speaking, international affairs and teamwork. We are a MyMUN top-rated MUN conference that is here to give today’s youth the opportunity to be more involved in finding solutions.

Where is CamMUN?

CamMUN will take place at the Stephen Perse Foundation Senior School in Cambridge, England. The address is Union Rd, Cambridge CB2 1HF.

When does CamMUN take place?

The conference takes place every year in December.

How do I apply to CamMUN?

Delegate and chair applications for CamMUN 2022 will be open soon.

Am I eligible to attend this conference?

CamMUN is aimed at secondary school students between the ages of 14-18. You must be in secondary (high school) education at the time of the conference to be able to attend. All abilities are welcome and no previous MUN experience is required to take part in this conference!

Can I register with my friends?

Even if people are from the same school and delegation they all need to register individually.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, there will be certificates given out. 

Can my parents be the advisers?

No, they have to be your school supervisor for safeguarding reasons. 

Is it ok if my English is not perfect? What level does my English need to be?

Yes, however your English needs to be good enough to hold a conversation and be able to understand the discussion. Intermediate level should be fine. 

Do I receive an invitation letter? 

Yes! We can provide you with an invitation letter so you can apply for a visa. An invitation letter will be sent only after the application is complete and the registration fee has been paid.

What if I want to withdraw my application? 

If you want to withdraw your application, please email us at cammun@stephenperse.com.

Do I get a refund, if I cannot participate anymore?

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds after paying the registration fee.

What is the dress code?

The dress code for this conference is formal

I have a question, what do I do?
Email us at cammun@stephenperse.com and we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible!