Please keep in mind the guidelines for all school supervisors of CamMUN 2022, as written below:

During the Conference

Throughout the conference, all supervisors will be allocated to a room, as we ask that they are not present in the rooms where debates are taking place. This room will be announced via email to supervisors closer to the date of CamMUN 2022. Supervisors will have access to water and other beverages, as well as snacks, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. 

Observing the Debate Sessions

Supervisors are allowed to observe the debate session on Saturday the 3rd of December, from 13:15. We ask that the supervisors do not remain in a committee room for more than 10 minutes, and we request that you try to avoid disturbing or distracting chairs and delegates. Please enter the classroom through the door and stand on the side of the room, preferably behind the delegates. 

Photography at the Conference

Please limit photography and videography to your own students. This is to ensure that we respect people’s consent regarding the taking and sharing of videos. 

All CamMUN 2022 participants will have access to the photographs taken by our Media Team after the conference.