CamMUN is excited to be taking part in the UNHCR 2020 Refugee Challenge. The best resolutions submitted on the following issues, from a number of conferences, will be given an award and shared on UNHCR social media platforms.

  1. The question of countering toxic narratives about refugees and migrants (Economic and Social Council)
  2. The question of improving access to education for refugees (Human Rights Committee)
  3. The question of tackling climate induced migration (IPCC)

If your’re taking part in a committee that is discussing one of these topics, here are some resources to get you started:

Forced displacement 

Video: Which country hosts the most refugees?

Video: Where do most refugees come from?

Video: What is the difference between a refugee and a migrant?

Climate change and displacement 

Article: Climate change and displacement

Video: Climate change and displacement: how are they linked?

Article: 8 refugees fighting for the planet

Countering toxic narratives about refugees and migrants

Article: UN’s Grandi slams “toxic language” of politics

Video: Guled Mire, a former refugee in New-Zealand talks about hate speech 

Article: Does online hate fuels anti-migrant violence?

Report: Understanding public attitudes towards refugees and migrants

Supporting the economic inclusion of refugees 

UNHCR webpage: Livelihoods and economic inclusion

Article: Refugee women face unequal access to jobs

Video: 7 ways business can support refugees

Story: Cash assistance gives refugees the power of choice

Improving access to education for refugees

Report: Refugee education in crisis

Video: Help refugee children go to school

Report: Making refugee girls education a priority