Overall Theme: “ Tackling disinformation in an increasingly volatile and media-centric global environment”

Questions may change closer to the time, however this is an initial flavour for what topics are likely to be debated at our conference.

Historical committee:

The historical committee looks at a historical event with both a view from the time as well as knowledge of hindsight. This committee is recommended for delegates with a knowledge of history and some prior MUN experience. 

  • The question of the censorship of media during the Spanish flu pandemic

Ecology and Environment committee:

This committee focuses on the current ecological and environmental issues. The ecology and environment committee is recommended for delegates who are up to date on current ecological and environmental problems. 

  • The question of reducing the threat of overfishing
  • The question of implementing stronger animal rights in regard to their use in product testing and cloning 
  • The question of dealing with the consequences of ocean acidification caused by man-made pollutants

Disarmament committee:

The Disarmament committee deals with the issue of global disarmament and security. This committee is recommended for delegates with prior MUN experience.

  • The question of restricting the transfer of arms across international borders
  • The question of improving cyber-security around national defence systems
  • The question of regulation of nuclear weapon testing

World Health Organisation:

The World Health Organisation deals with international public health and global medical provision. This committee is recommended to delegates with prior MUN experience.

  • The question of addressing vaccine hesitancy
  • The question of controlling misinformation around the advertising of food 
  • The question of improving access to education and treatment for mental health conditions 

Political Committee

The political committee looks at tackling and discussing current political issues. It is a committee which is appropriate for all delegates, no prior experience is needed. 

  • The question of reducing barriers to the accessibility of national and international politics 
  • The question of improving the dialogue between religious leaders and other communities with a specific focus on territory wars
  • The question of imposing greater sanctions for the spreading of disinformation and international interference in political campaigns 

Human Rights Commitee

The Human Rights committee deals with Human Rights abuses and measures to protect these rights for all people. This committee is appropriate for all delegates including ones with no prior experience.

  • The question of legalising euthanasia worldwide 
  • The question of mandatory provision of free language education for refugee children 
  • The question of government accessibility to individuals’ data that would help them in protecting other citizens 

Economic and Social Council:

The United Nations Economic and Social Council is responsible for discussing international economic and social issues. Recommended for delegates with an interest in economics, no prior experience needed.

  • The question of tackling discrimination in the labour market
  • The question of facilitating large scale international tourism whilst maintaining local culture and livelihoods
  • The question of dealing with structural unemployment resulting from innovating and creative destruction

World Trade Organisation

The WTO looks at international relations and the impacts of world trade. This committee is recommended for delegates with an interest in international relations.

  • The question of increasing the quality of enforcement around the cross-border movement of illegal drugs
  • The question of improving the international trade and donation of medical equipment