1. The Question of Stabilising the Relationship between Israel and Palestine
  2. The Question of Worldwide Decolonisation 
  3. The Question of Sending Extra Troops to End UNAMID


  1. The Question of Denuclearisation
  2. The Question of the Neutralisation and Removal of IED’s in Post-Conflict Zones
  3. The Question of Regulating the Production and Use of Chemical Weapons
  4. The Question of Limiting Defence Spending

World Trade Organisation

  1. The Question of International Trade Blocs
  2. The Question of Ensuring Worldwide Fair Competition in the Agricultural Sector
  3. Extra topic to be added w/b 11th of February with Study Guide released the following week

Human Rights

  1. The Question of the Protection of Rights of Ethnic Minorities in South America
  2. The Question of the Promotion of Women’s Rights in the Developing World
  3. The Question of the Application of Sanctions Regarding Human Rights Breaches
  4. The Question of Ending the Use of Torture as a Method of Coercion

Ecology and Environment

  1. The Question of Reducing Single-Use Plastics
  2. The Question of Preventing Wildlife Smuggling
  3. The Question of Sustainable Energy Production
  4. The Question of the Use of Animal Cloning

Economic and Social

  1. The Question of the Gender Pay Gap
  2. The Question of the Provision of Aid to Developing Countries
  3. The Question of Broadband Provision in the Developing World


Delegates will debate the issues discussed at the Yalta Conference of February 1945 and are expected to accurately research and represent their countries views from the time.

  1. The Question of the Freedom of Elections in Liberated Countries
  2. The Question of a Post-War Germany
  3. The Question of the Creation of an Intergovernmental Organisation Promoting International Co-operation and Maintaining International Order.

Please be advised that this will not be a crisis committee but rather follow standard MUN procedure



*Some topics are to be announced closer to the conference to accurately represent the political landscape in March 2019.