Questions may change closer to the time, however this is an initial flavour for what topics are likely to be debated at our conference 

There will be study guides closer to the time 

Historical committee:

The historical committee looks at a historical event with both a view from the time as well as knowledge of hindsight. This committee is recommended for delegates with a knowledge of history and some prior MUN experience. 

  • The question of dealing with the aftermath of hiroshima 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC):

The IPCC is looking at reducing the effects of global climate change using both prevention and adaption. This committee is recommended for delegates who are passionate about climate issues.

  • The question of mitigating the risks of rising sea levels 
  • The question of moving towards sustainable agriculture 
  • The question of implementing carbon tax on a global scale
  • The question of the global shift towards renewable forms of energy 

Ecology and Environment committee:

This committee focuses on the current ecological and environmental issues. The ecology and environment committee is recommended for delegates who are up to date on current ecological and environmental problems. 

  • The question of reducing global landfill 
  • The question of minimising the impact of plastics on marine life 
  • The question of water security in South Asia 
  • The question of preventing the loss of global forests

Disarmament committee:

The Disarmament committee deals with the issue of global disarmament and security. This committee is recommended for delegates with prior MUN experience.

  • The question of Russia rearmament 
  • The question of global denuclearisation 
  • The question of reducing international arms sales to the Middle East
  • The question of improving international cyber security

World Health Organisation:

The World Health Organisation deals with international public health and global medical provision. This committee is recommended to delegates with prior MUN experience.

  • The question of halting the spread of ebola in Africa 
  • The increased provision of vaccines to Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The question of controlling antibiotic resistance (counterfeit medicine)
  • The question of tackling child obesity 

Political Committee

The political committee looks at tackling and discussing current political issues. It is a committee which is appropriate for all delegates, no prior experience is needed. 

  • The question of dealing with/tackling the Israel and Palestine conflict
  • The question of the advancement of women’s political emancipation in the developing world
  • The question of reducing the lobbying power of large corporations

Human Rights Commitee

The Human Rights committee deals with Human Rights abuses and measures to protect these rights for all people. This committee is appropriate for all delegates including ones with no prior experience.

  • The question of tackling the European refugee crisis  
  • The question of reducing Human Trafficking 
  • The question of increasing access to contraception
  • The question of legal abortion rights

Economic and Social Council:

The United Nations Economic and Social Council is responsible for discussing international economic and social issues. Recommended for delegates with an interest in economics, no prior experience needed.

  • The question of increasing regulation of the internet/data protection/surveillance 
  • The question of achieving long term food security 
  • The question of solving the issues associated with an Ageing population
  • The question of removing the large influence of the Tobacco industry

World Trade Organisation

The WTO looks at international relations and the impacts of world trade. This committee is recommended for delegates with an interest in international relations.

  • The question of reducing the impact of protectionist policies
  • The question of minimising the shipment of waste to South Asia / Africa
  • The question of reducing the impact of the China/ US trade war